Welcome to ScanAir

– The future in the air.

Future deliveries

We are in rapid development within drone flight, and know that the future will add more values to the heights.
We can’t fill more on land, so now we occupy the airspace – all while protecting the environment.


Security coverage from the sky – Get real-time surveillance with high-resolution drone images to protect and monitor your valuables.

Parcel deliveries

The delivery service of the future – Experience lightning-fast and eco-friendly drone delivery that revolutionizes the way packages are sent. ( under development, due local jurisstictions pga lokal lovgivning

Surveying and mapping

Accurate, Fast, Efficient – Get advanced data, fast with our drone-based surveying and mapping services.

Photo and video productions

Capture the Moment – Professional aerial photo and video services that give you unique perspectives and unforgettable content.


Accuracy at height – Inspections with drones give you detailed access to hard-to-reach areas without accident risks for your staff.

Are you a drone pilot?

We have the flights if you have a certificate and want to be part of Denmark’s strongest flying community! Contact us today.